Celebrating the legacy of Jerry Goldsmith and
championing the art of musical composition for the screen

The Jerry Goldsmith Film Music Society

Updated February 2012

If you enjoy movie music, the Goldsmith Film Music Society could hit just  the right note for you. The Society has a worldwide membership and exists to develop and promote interest in the art of film music  composition. While members of the Society share a common appreciation of the work of Jerry Goldsmith, we embrace the music of all film composers

The Society publishes its own in-house magazine called LEGEND, which contains news about the latest film music assignments, film score  analyses, reviews, and correspondence. Many of the articles are written by members themselves.

In the past, the Society has engaged in a variety of activities related to film music including specially designed merchandise and has even produced its own CD of a rare Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack. Conventions  have been arranged and past speakers have included Michael Kamen, John Scott, Roy Budd, Richard Hartley, Richard Harvey, Ron Goodwin, James Bernard, Douglass Fake of Intrada, recording engineer Mike Ross, director Bryan Forbes and, of course, Jerry Goldsmith himself.

We intend for similar projects to be undertaken in the future but the  Society‚Äôs only source of funds is the subscriptions it receives from the members - which makes your membership very important.

So, join us now. It could be your biggest score this year. For full details send an email or write to Lyn Williams, GFMS, 24 Capel Street, BARGOED CF81 8RY.

Jerry Goldsmith Film Music Society